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New Dahlia Collection
2015 WSDOTMF Events
Introducing a New Dahlia Collection
honoring one of the
WSDOT Fallen Workers.

It’s called the  Billy ‘Bud’ Rhynalds’
Worker Memorial Collection and
it’s made up of a collection of oranges
and one red Cornel dahlia,
which was Billy's favorite.  
Monthly Memorial Tribute
This month we pay tribute to and remember these
WSDOT employees who died in work zone incidents:
Michael Malone, June 4, 1993, Northwest Region, transportation engineer. Mike was
killed by a drunk driver who entered a properly marked work zone.
William F. Holmes, June 14, 1960, Headquarters, traffic recorder. Bill was hit by a car
while attempting to reset overturned cones on the Lake Washington Bridge.
William T. Owens, June 15, 1971, Southwest Region, maintenance technician. William
was killed when a tractor he was repairing inadvertently started and ran over him.
Two Eastern Region employees were killed June 18, 1966, when a driver fell asleep at
the wheel and entered their survey work zone, striking both of them.
o   George J. Heaton, engineer technician.
o   Claude M. Waterman, engineer technician.
Harold J. Allen, June 30, 1967, Eastern Region, engineer technician. Harold was
“riding” on a running board of a truck while taking pit samples. He fell as he jumped
off and was run over by the truck.
Washington State Department of Transportation Memorial Foundation
PO Box 1367 - Olympia, WA - 98507-1367
Washington State Department of Transportation Memorial Foundation
"... To preserve the memory of the Washington State Department of Transportation fallen workers  and to provide assistance to active and
retired employees and their families in times of need."
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As you know, the primary mission of the WSDOT Memorial Foundation is to preserve
the memory of fallen WSDOT workers and to assist families of the fallen. However,
occasionally opportunities arise to provide assistance to families of transportation
workers outside of WSDOT. One such situation was the recent (March 12th) accident
involving Kiewit employee Joe Arrants who while working on the 520 Bridge Project
tragically fell to his death. Kiewit employees approached the Memorial Foundation
requesting help in collecting donations to assist Joe's family - wife Heather and two
children - with the many financial issues the family was facing as a result of Joe's death.

Several members of the Foundation Executive Committee stepped forward to assist in
this endeavor and were able to collect and distribute to Heather nearly $60,000 in
contributions. The contributions were separate and distinct from regular WSDOTMF
donations, and all efforts on behalf of this collection were provided without cost to the
Foundation by the Executive Committee members.

This effort demonstrates the Memorial Foundation dedication to providing assistance to
transportation workers and their families when needed - and to assist those outside of
WSDOT when asked.
June 3, 2015 recognition event where Senator
Curtis King, Matt Zuvich (Federation) and Vince Oliveri (Local 17)
were recognized for their efforts to secure passage of the Tuition
Waiver for Survivors of Fallen Highway Workers.
On April 22, 2015 Governor Inslee
signed the Memorial Foundation sponsored Tuition Waiver for
Survivors of Fallen Highway Workers (HB1977) into law at the
WSDOT Worker memorial Event in Olympia
2015-16 Scholarship Award to Nellie Williams in Lacey June 9th.